To my dearest wife,

Grace, mercy and peace be to you. I understand the adversity that we are dealing with in bringing up our young children, however lest we are discouraged, I exhort you in the remembrance of our Lord Jesus Christ, who shall be on our side to fortify us throughout this parenting journey.

We pray for God’s forgiveness for our own ignorance. Let us now renew our cover page of parenting by the power of God's grace, that is, in our willingness to make sacrifices and in our obedience to Him. Therefore let us run swiftly to this way of humility and walk together in this path of obedience that God calls us to, particularly in our calling as His agents for our three children which He has bestowed upon us for our nurture, protection and care.

We have failed because of our own corrupt nature. We have failed in many aspects because our goals and methods in parenting were never biblical. We tried and error many approaches yet the most core ingredient is missing from the process and that is our Lord Jesus Christ Himself.

The devil in his subtlety shall not cease to beguile us and distort us of the truth in parenting. I desire you to seek wisdom from Christ so we may discern the right and the wrong. Hold fast to Him as He shall not allow us to be drowned by these gushing flow of ungodly concepts. I propose you this alarming question, are we to be the devil’s tool or God’s tool in parenting?

I am not disagreeing that our children have a resolute will. We have to be careful of the devil’s trap. This can neither serve as an excuse to shift the blame of our own failures to our children nor to serve as a pretence so we may surrender our duty, our responsibility and more importantly, our authority that God has given us over our children because of our own infirmities. We are not to contrite or soften their will as their strong will is God’s gift too. For if the will is strong by nature, it will not be easily removed back to its wicked way. Our task is to direct them according to His will. Now would you prefer to lift up a weight of 20 kgs or 100 kgs, and what would be easier? I rather choose to be a fool but one that put trust in Him. Let Him do His wonders in their hearts and how blessed are we then to be the witness of His works.

Take heed that we are not called to be successful parent, as none can justly make that claim, but one that is always under God’s authority to know and do His will for our children. These struggles, challenges and difficulties ahead of us, how insurmountable they may be, are not to befall us, are not to discourage us, but they act as means of grace to change us, to mould us, to shape us, as a better and more excellent parent.

Now I beseech you to embrace together this gracious task of parenting. We are not to look back to our past failures but to what God in His grace has stored for us now and future, all our needs to make this course a blessed and fruitful one.

I desire us to submit ourselves in fulness to God that He may use us as His willing and faithful tool to accomplish what He has planned to do in our children. Unto Him be glory for ever.

Yours loving husband, in his sweet Lord Jesus

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