Why identifying market trend is important - Part 5

Previously we discuss on identifying market trend from the views on historical data and economic aspects. We will now turn our attention to the non-economic factors impacting market trend in the last part of this series.

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Capital growth vs rental yield - Part 1

We as property investors love to indulge ourselves for owning properties which perform well in both capital growth and rental yield. The burning question is whether it is possible to achieve such outcome in an ideal world. The short and simple answer is close to ZERO.

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Capital growth vs rental yield - Part 2

Every single property transactions must occur in one of the five market phases defined in the preceding article. By using hypothetical method, we examine this subject further before concluding that capital growth and rental yield can never travel in a positive direction simultaneously.

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Property as investment vehicle - Part 1

Property is an investment vehicle for wealth creation and financial freedom. Through the implementation and application of the right investment strategy, we are able to generate sufficient passive income from our property portfolio to support our retirement lifestyle.

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