Property as investment vehicle - Part 2

In the preceding article, we have discussed the use of property as an investment vehicle for creating wealth. However the more considerable question is whether property features as a better investment vehicle than other asset class investments, such as, shares.

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Determine where and what to buy

We identify the five notable elements which ultimately determine where and what to buy in our property search. These factors are listed in the ascending order in terms of space for compromising.

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Identifying investment grade property

Creating wealth through brick and mortar can only be realised by investing in the right property which suits our investment strategy. It is therefore crucial that we educate ourselves on how to identify an investment grade property which can bolster our journey towards financial freedom.

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Buying off the plan property

Depending on our investment strategy, purchasing property off the plan could provide substantial benefits, such as, significant tax reliefs through depreciation and stamp duty savings. However as there is no actual physical product for us to inspect and examine, we require to proceed cautiously when buying and selecting off the plan property.

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